by installing the Lightning Labs lnd release binary

The Lightning Network is a network of decentralized off-chain micropayment channels that can be layered on top of any blockchain-based cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Running a lightning node is not only a simple way to transfer funds instantly using Bitcoin, it’s also a cool way to learn about how the lightning…

A world where fossil fuels are replaced by clean, sustainable biofuels… Urban Canopy is innovating a solution to make that world a reality.

There Is 104.8 ppm(parts per million) Too Much Carbon Dioxide In Our Atmosphere

For decades, one thing has become abundantly clear — the world is warming up, and it is ultimately proving to be detrimental. Sea levels are rising, eradicating…

Ishaana Misra

14 y/o learning about the technicals of Bitcoin and Austrian Economics. Alumni @theksociety , Freshman @StuyNY

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